About Us

Vision Finding sustainable solutions to displacement in Benadir Region.


Established under the leadership of the Mayor of Mogadishu and Governor of Benadir Region, the Durable Solutions Unit (DSU) is mandated to seek dignified and sustainable solutions for displacement affected communities (DACs).

The DSU is a Somali-led and Somali-owned approach to durable solutions with the overarching goal of phasing out displacement by strengthening the linkage between the humanitarian-development nexus. It serves as a channel of communication between the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS), development partners, private sector, civil society, DACs and BRA.


Our small, but diverse and talented team at the DSU are united under a common goal of championing a more inclusive and progressive capital city.

By working with communities, development partners and government institutions, this unit aims to foster a Somali-driven vision for sustainable solutions. Central to this is to empower DACs to rebuild their lives, their communities and utilize their valuable skills with dignity.

Mission To create an inclusive prosperous region in which displacement affected communities have access to basic services, economic growth and fully participate at all levels of government.

  • Translate the Mayor’s vision of phasing out displacement by developing solutions-frameworks and implementing rights-based policies
  • We advocate for a sustainable and dignified solution for DACs
  • Create synergies between implementing durable solutions partners
  • Foster linkages between BRA and FGS
  • Coordination of partners and stakeholders
  • Facilitate interactions of partners and BRA technical branches with DACs
  • Promote networks of advocates that support all aspects of durable solutions (local integration, safe returns and resettlement)
  • By capacitating BRA departments and districts on addressing DACs needs
  • By planning, coordinating, monitoring and evaluating innovative DS initiatives
  • By overseeing proper implementation of housing land and tenure security policies
  • By allocating the needed revenues into service delivery that support local integration
  • By engaging the private sector to invest and create economic and affordable housing opportunities
  • By representing BRA at displacement related forums at national and international arenas

DSU will provide an enabling environment for (DACs) to define their engagement in sustainable solutions and development strategies. This will be done through a participatory planning method with DACs and the technical branches of BRA, ultimately resulting in:

  • Increased access to basic services
  • Affirmative action in favour of DACs
  • Economic opportunities and empowerment
  • Reduction of protection risks
  • Enhanced community cohesion and civic engagement