3 February 2019 – MOGADISHU

Benadir Regional Administration officially launched the Durable Solution Unit (DSU) on Friday, January 31st  under the office of the Governor and Mayor of Mogadishu, H.E. Abdurahman Omar Osman (Eng. Yarisow).  The unit is responsible for coordinating and consolidating various solutions programming aimed at supporting displacement affected communities in the nation’s capital.  

The event brought together various stakeholders from all levels of government, international partners, foreign dignitaries INGO/NGOs, private sector, and civil society members for the sole purpose of addressing protracted displacement and finding sustainable solutions for displacement affected communities in the region. 

Large-scale displacements due to drought, rural-urban migration trends, returnees from neighboring countries and the return of diaspora at large have accelerated rates of urbanization in Somalia.  In particular, Mogadishu hosts the largest urban displacement with over 500,000 of the 2.6 million internally displaced in the country (over 60% of the displaced population being youth).

The Deputy Prime Minister H.E. Mahdi Mohamed Gulleid emphasized the need of fostering unity in finding a local solution to end displacement.

“…displacement in Somalia is one of the biggest priorities for the Federal Government. We must ensure that all our citizens are afforded with opportunities to rebuild their lives as quickly as possible,” affirmed the Deputy Prime Minister.

Most of Mogadishu’s IDPs prefer to locally integrate and large number of refugee returnees from neighboring countries prefer Mogadishu as their preferred destination. As the second fastest urbanizing city in the world, the city faces serious challenges and must develop an inclusive city plan to tackle critical issues such as large-scale displacement.

“The launch this morning is incredibly important for several reasons but mostly because we are taking leadership in slowly phasing out displacement in a socially just and dignified way,” said Mayor Osman.

The Mayor also appealed to the Federal Government and International Community to work together in securing a more dignified solutions for displacement-affected communities.

“With your support (FGS and partners), our vision is to ensure that all displaced people have access to secure housing and land tenure, employment, and critical infrastructure such as schools and hospitals where they live,” Said Mayor Yarisow. George Conway, UNDP Country Director assured the DSU and BRA of full support to bring an end to protracted displacement in Mogadishu.

“On this new approach, I commend the government of taking the lead in finding a local solution. We stand in support of all the policies in place and looking to work with DSU closely. Our collective accountability should ensure the needs of the displaced are addressed,” said Mr. Conway.

Moreover, Sebastian Fouquet, DFID Senior Humanitarian Adviser congratulated the team led by Dr. Hodan Ali and, also promised full support throughout the implementation phase through its 4-year Durable Solutions investment in the region.

“The issue of addressing displacement and ensuring that quick solutions are found is of top priority. We stand in support with DSU in finding a local and long-lasting solution for IDPs,” said Mr. Fouquet.

European Union Somalia also congratulated the DSU team and BRA for its renewed focus on addressing protracted displacement. EU has been providing substantial support for the region with its largest investment on solutions through the EU-REINTEG program.  

Mr. Anders Djurfeld of EU Somalia, further reiterated that “Mogadishu is facing one of the largest IDP displacement crisis situation in the world…what is needed is to support the mayor’s vision of having a dully capacitated regional authority that can lead the work on the ground”

The launch also saw cabinet ministers calling for a sense of urgency and unanimously voiced the importance of coming up with clear national strategy that charts a way forward in solving the mass displacement crisis across the nation.

Cabinet Minster of Planning, Economic and Investment H.E. Gamal Mohamed Hassan, applauded BRA’s commitment and vision on phasing out displacement.  Minister Gamal urged other regions to follow BRA’s lead and impalement similar units.   Other ministers who took part in the launch included Minister for Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management H.E. Hamza Said Hamza, Minster for Women and Human Rights H.E Deeqa Yassin Haji Yusuf and Minister of Information Culture and Tourism H.E. Dahir Geelle.


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