Capacity building workshop for Empowering incubator manager and staff with essential management training and skill needed to operate and expand the business incubator

Terms of Reference

Opening date: 20th November 2020

Closing date: 27th November 2020


Saanqaad is the first public Business Incubator that provides a pre-incubation program to support potential entrepreneurs in identifying their business ideas/opportunities and developing their business plans to the point where they can be evaluated as profitable enterprises. Saanqaad focuses on a range of services for social entrepreneurs that are designed to help them launch well-managed businesses in Mogadishu.

The growth of any economy depends entirely on knowledge sharing, collaboration, and skills development. Saanqaad Business Incubator serves to empower the youth and women to help them become successful entrepreneurs, the potential of social enterprises to address the so-called ‘bottom of the pyramid’ market opportunities, and reduce income inequality – including disparities between IDPs, Refugee Returnees and their host communities. Under the management of Hano Academy, Saanqaad Business Incubator (SBI) helps establish, develop, and grow entrepreneurial opportunities to enhance economic independence among the target communities in Mogadishu.

The incubator also serves as a one-stop hub for the needy people to have access to the relevant resources, including information communication technology (ICT). Creativity and innovation are a key part of the process in developing the products and services of the incubator.

Saanqaad seeks to increase the capacity of incubator manager, their staff, and other stakeholders seeking to increase their understanding and know-how of the business incubation process by empowering with essential management training and skill needed to operate and expand the business incubator through one-one technical assistant and topical peer-to-peer networks.

In recognition of this, Saanqaad Business Incubator seeks a qualified consultancy firm / Consultant in designing and delivering capacity building workshop for the staff.  


The aim of this training is to equip the incubator staff with essential skills to operate and expand the business incubator. In order to administer the implementation of its business incubation training program, Saanqaad is seeking a Consultancy firm / Consultant with demonstrated experience and the capacity to design and deliver capacity building workshop for business incubators. 

The selected number of staff from Saanqaad and DSU/BRA for a maximum of 30 participants will join the workshop. The selected service provider will design the curriculum, material, and guidelines for the workshop.

The proposed program will be conducted over a 2-week period for a maximum of 30 participants, along with continuous support and mentoring. It will tackle topics related to space management, designing programs, operation, and teambuilding as follow: 

  • Capturing data for better communication 
  • Hub Sustainability model
  • Implementing a mentoring program 
  • Implementing seed funds for the hub

The service provider will follow a demand driven skill-building and experience-sharing approach in offering its skill building programs to make it effective, exciting and interesting for the participants. This includes:

  • Innovative Thinking and Flexible Learning:

The sessions will not be based on a lecture format, rather on active participation and the cooperative learning concept. The selected service provider will strive to portray the program as a powerful facilitator guiding change and excellence utilizing Thinking Games to encourage participants to challenge themselves to create new results. Moreover, special visual learning experiences and powerful demonstrations will be offered to make the whole training, a wonderful and high energy experience.

  • Measurable:

The selected service provider will utilize measurement and evaluation system which is unique and encourage deeper involvement of participants. Sessions at the program will be evaluated utilizing both qualitative and quantitative data collection methods such as surveys, written questionnaires, and verbal feedback from participants, and trainers.

  • Monitoring and Evaluation

The training programs will be delivered to have an impact at different levels, including the individual level (e.g. change in participant skill sets gained in the training program), (e.g. change in their professional career development). The selected monitoring and evaluation activities and tools will track the progress and sustainability of these changes over time utilizing the following tools:

  • On-going Mentoring: The selected service provider will be in constant communication and mentoring with the staff, to monitor learning process, outputs, and benefits.
  • Training evaluations: Following each training both qualitative and quantitative data will be collected through surveys, written questionnaires, and verbal feedback from participants, and trainers. In addition, and to ensure maximum benefit; the trainers examine participants’ skill levels during the training, identify the causes of performance gaps, and then select the method of intervention to correct the situation.
  • Continuous Reporting: The selected service provider will continuously report to Saanqaad Business Incubator regarding the training component.


The consultant is expected to produce the following deliverables:

  1. Designing and developing training materials (curriculum, content and guidelines)
  2. Conducting 2-week workshop for the incubator staff training.
  3. Ensuring that at least 20 individuals trained during the project period.
  4. Provide a quality venue that is easily accessible
  5. Administering an evaluation of the training during the final sessions.
  6. Submitting the final training reports
  7. Continuous support and mentoring for the staff.

LOCATIONS: The services will be provided at the business incubator building, located at the Hamar Weyne neighbourhood of Mogadishu.


The consultant will directly report to the Hano Academy with support from BRA/DSU.  


  • An in-depth technical response to the TOR by the consultant demonstrating an understanding of how the business incubators work.
  • The relevant experience of the staff members proposed to conduct the management of the delivery of the training program.
  • Demonstrated experience and thorough knowledge of the business incubation environment and ecosystem.


Candidates interested in the position will be expected to provide the following documentation:

  • Detailed technical response to the TOR, with a specific focus on addressing the scope of work, methodology to be used.
  • Initial work plan based on methodology outlined, and availability of applicant
  • Company profile and CV of the staff the consultancy firm selected to engage in this consultancy including a minimum of 2 references
  • Detailed budget breakdown based on expected daily rates and initial work plan

Deadline for this application is 27th November 2020

You can send your applications to [email protected] with the subject “Saanqaad Capacity Building Workshop”

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