Focus areas

We work to maximize synergies between government and development partners and stimulate new thinking on recurring challenges. We strive to create an enabling environment that reverses urban displacement trends by bringing displaced citizen’s voices at the forefront of the durable solutions discourse, promoting community cohesion, increasing access to rights and basic services, producing livelihood opportunities, and reducing protection risks.


Capacitating local government staff, allocating land and coordinating between various levels of government in planning and developing policies.

Social Protection & Inclusion

Providing basic services, creating livelihood opportunities and employment, and inspiring citizenship and community cohesion in Benadir.


Protecting the human rights of DACs, providing a secure and safe living environment with an emphasis on Housing, Land, and Property rights

About Us

Established under the leadership of the Mayor of Mogadishu and Governor of Benadir Region, the Durable Solutions Unit (DSU) is mandated to seek dignified and sustainable solutions for displacement affected communities (DACs).


Ufficio del Governatore, Xamarweyne District, Mogadishu, Benadir, SO