Securing a more dignified living

Finding new approaches to recurring challenges




We seek to secure a more dignified environment where

Displacement affected communities thrive

We believe

Ending displacement requires strong institutional capacity to ensure that displacement affected communities (DACs) are afforded opportunities to lead dignified lives.

At DSU we are very committed to ensuring the safety and protection of vulnerable DACs by working to develop strong institutional structures that can deliver sustainable durable solutions.

Comprehensive approach to

Unleashing the power of self-reliance

We believe

That DACs are resilient and contribute greatly to Mogadishu’s economy through informal markets.

Creating opportunities that empower communities to transform their lives is key to fostering durable solutions and ending protracted displacement. Attainment of dignified solutions requires the engagement of a wide range of actors. DSU is committed to engaging all stakeholders in securing this common goal.

Safeguarding and protecting

The rights of vulnerable people

We know

Women and children make up the majority of those affected by displacement in Mogadishu.

Somalia’s future depends on active and healthy children and women who have full access to basic services. We are committed to protecting and safeguarding our most vulnerable and finding a more pragmatic solutions to securing a better tomorrow.

Inspiring Somalis to find a more pragmatic

Approach to ending displacement

We want

Displacement in Mogadishu addressed against a backdrop of growing rural-urban migration trends.

With over 500,000 displaced people, Mogadishu is the second fastest growing city in the world and lacks the institutional capacity to deal with the shortfall of meeting DACs needs for basic services, housing, secure land and property tenure.

This makes it imperative that the humanitarian-development nexus is better understood, defined and pursued to better deliver for DACs living in rapidly urbanizing cities.